Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If Only It Were December

Deep sighs and deep breathes are about all I find myself doing this month, and God Bless it's only halfway over and I feel like I've been repeatedly run over by a freight train.

It's only Tuesday and there's still too much left to be done between the kids and work, and work hasn't decelerated since October and is soon to hit nascar speeds. And in the midst of all this is this Saturday, where my church is having a "Quiet Day" and all of the Community of Hope trainees are supposed to go, and out with another deep breath. A quiet day, a quiet day, I hope that also means stillness, I'd really like to be still for awhile. Ebb and flow, ebb and flow, if only I was a better swimmer ;-)

I can't wait for Thanksgiving, a four day weekend with my family, sitting around playing games, watching football, and eating gobs of food.


Lee said...

Hi JSD! The images of your ebb and flow remind me of the images I used to use for relaxation. I would be at the edge of the water and it would be all warm and golden from the sun. The waves would come in and cover me but not suffocate me. When they would recede they would pull the stress and tension away. This would repeat as long as necessary. Of course the sand never invaded my swimsuit nor did I get a sunburn. Just all warm and cozy.


jsd said...

Hi Lee, I tend to combine the lunar cycle, night, and the ocean when I think ebb and flow. I had to read your post twice to realize that your image of water is during the daylight hours, while mine is almost always an ingrained night.

Lee said...

Thinking about the difference between day and night images, I had way too active an imagination for the dark as a kid. Shadows in the dark are scary. Only when the lights and shadows would circle the room showing that it was a car below, would I relax and know that things were ok.

When I have enough space in my bedroom to position my bed the way I want, I put it beneath a window so that I can see the moon and stars at night. I've always loved starlight and moonlight. I can enjoy the night sky...but it is the light that makes it pretty for me.

jsd said...

I was really afraid of the dark when I was a kid, but sometime in my early teens things shifted, and I began to feel an affinity for the darkness, the immensity of it. I felt close to God looking up into the night sky, safe, blanketed, held.