Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Plans for the Future

I realized based on my friend's comment that I forgot to include my plans :) I'll start a new seminary in the Fall and I'm very excited for the change. I don't know if that'll mean seminary will take alittle longer, until the end of my first year at my new seminary; then I can petition to have my credits transferred. But, I'm okay if it takes abit longer to finish.

So my focus for now is to complete this semester, then in May get all the planning done that I can, because once CPE starts I won't have much time to take care of things. My wife has started the process to get her certifications and then will start job hunting. As soon as we know where we'll be living then we start looking at schools. Mostly at this point there's more unknowns then known. But as it gets closer to August I'll know most of the things I'll need to know about making the transition from here to the NE.

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