Monday, February 21, 2011

Walking in the Snow

This Friday when we all got home from either school or work we all went (to include the dogs) on a beautiful walk. It was sunny and exceptionally warm, so we donned light layers and mud boots to traverse the deep ravines of melted snow. When we got to the bike path we hit deep snow that hasn't melted much, so we sank in, but we all had fun and our little dog showed no signs of quitting or distress. We came home tired but happy.

We repeated this walk Sunday afternoon, only now with heavier layers and snow boots, because the cold winds had returned. We'd walked to the pinnacle, enjoyed the view, and then started to head back. We decided to go down this steep trail, which for the kiddos and even the adults was the best part of the walk since it required sliding down on our butts. The trail was a glaze of ice, and none too friendly to the bum, but we all laughed and ouched our way down. And we came home tired but happy.


San said...

Tired but happy. One of the best feelings to have at the end of the day. And you've had two days like that. You're blessed, JS.

jsd said...

San: I am very blessed, and it was nice to get my kiddos laughing, I love making them laugh in pure delight.

San said...

Just revisiting this beautiful, laughing post. I'd forgotten about the ouching your ways down. OUCH.

: )

jsd said...

San: It was quite humorous, we eventually let go of the dogs' leashes so they could make their expert way down, and wait patiently for us.