Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Writing to the wind

There's about 4-6 inches of snow on the ground now, with rain coming later. But, when I get home I'll get to shovel, which honestly I like doing. Pretty soon I'll be able to go snowshoeing!

My ministry contract project that I thought was fading to gray has found new life. Why? I think because we started listening to our hearts again, and you know the power of God's grace and all that.

I also found out that if I can't have a PDC meeting in December then we'd push for two meetings in January, which would keep on a 2011 track.

There are other things afoot but those shall remain private. Overall, today has been a fabulous turning of events. Isn't it so easy to be excited and anticipatory when things start to fall into place for you. Now if only I could harness that same excitement when things begin to look bleak. I do believe there's a word out there to describe that, but heck why be harsh to thy self.

And totally random, I really like Pandora Radio.


Cecilia said...

This all sounds so good, jsd! And... I think that's a very human impulse, to fret when things feel bleak. Enjoy the energy of this fabulous day!

murat11 said...

Congrats on the snow, and the hearts stirring, even in the cold.

San said...

I'm glad things are falling into place. It's always hard for me to harness that excitement when things aren't working. Isn't that the trick for all of us?

We've had snow here too. Today the sun is out, but it isn't too warm to melt the snow, and it is just glorious!

jsd said...

thank you everyone :)