Monday, December 28, 2009

Crocheting again

I think I've mentioned that I had vacation days I hadn't realized I had, and so with time on my hands and a new crochet book for Christmas I looked at my hundred dollar bag of yarn in which lay a begun blanket. It was sitting in such a sad state for nearly 2 years. Why? Well, because the pattern called for working with 4 skeins at a time, and it was a huge pain every time I had to turn the pattern. So I just kinda stopped. Then on Friday I gave myself permission to chuck the pattern and do what I wanted. So, now I'll sc one whole skein then when it runs out switch to the next color. I've made really good progress, I've added about 7 inches to it. When it's finished it'll be 4 or 5 feet long and about 4 feet wide.If I ever finish it, I'll post a photo or two.


Lee said...

Wow, four skeins! No wonder you found that daunting. I don't think I ever attempted or even saw a pattern that used that many threads. And good for you on letting yourself choose your own way. That's always been hard for me but I learned to do it despite any resistance I had. It really helps if you don't feel you need ot be stuck to a rule or pattern.


jsd said...

Lee: You're absolutely correct, now the only thing holding me back is aching fingers. Need to build up my hand muscles, so I can crochet without cramping after two days of consistent hook and yoing.