Thursday, June 04, 2009

Calm but Brewing

Have you ever been in that space where you're really calm, but you feel something brewing, and you don't know what's brewing? That's how I've been feeling the last little while. Like something is coming. I hope whatever it is is good, or maybe the feeling will just fade and I'll have forgotten about feeling this (most likely).

Today is the first day where my coughing hasn't been non-stop, and my energy is a little higher. I really do need to schedule myself. I need to get exercise back into my schedule and now I need to add studying for the GRE. I HATE STANDARDIZED TESTS! I absolutely suck at them. I'm trying to visualize that I'll get an average score, but really, in all my years of taking those stupid things - I score on the low end. And I totally suck at math, hands down stink at it. So ok, the GRE makes me really anxious, remedy - attempt to prep for something I have no desire to take. Sigh, thanks for listening to the rant.

An aside, the landlords are coming twice next week, and the visit will probably only go sorta well; we've given up on anything more with them. But, I'm not as anxious as I was expecting...but I know that will be different the days of the actual visits. The wife is pretty anxious, which makes me feel awful - she's not one to get anxious; she's the calm one, the it really makes me angry that these people have gotten to her.

But, really life is good. Blessings to y'all.


murat11 said...

Change the name of that standardized test to the GRR...

Lee said...

Blessings, feelings of calm, and prayers ascending for your wife. I took a little mini rampage of my own at how mad these landlords make you two. Hope all goes well on the days of the visit. Would having your neighbors over that day be of any help?

As to the expentant feelings, perhaps not knowing is what allows the results, whatever they are supposed to be, happen. Maybe if you know they are coming you would somehow end up in the way of it.


San said...

Some day remind me to tell you all about commercial landlords. Or not.

jsd said...

san: it's been a really weird experience for us. i hope you're experiences didn't leave too many marks.