Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Moved In and Making Progress Mostly

Well, we're all moved in, mostly unpacked. We have to take the stuff we literally stuffed into the closets and then rearrange the contents to better places. Currently, mine and the wife's winter clothes have no home and my regular clothes are draped over a chair.

Just caught the cable guy, the apppointment person gave me the wrong time...very happy to be plugged back in at home.

But, gave the keys to the 'old' place back yesterday. The landlord was supposed to be there to do a walk-through but didn't show. So I called the husband who then called the wife who then called me back to say leave the keys and you'll get your deposit back. So, I left a phone message and an email with my new address - ugh. But, I'm very happy to not having to pay heat or electricity for two places. I'm hoping we'll also get some pro-rated rent, but we'll see.

Our next door neighbors who know the new landlords well - seem nice, they helped us move the washer and dryer since my friend and I just could lift them - mostly cause I couldn't lift them. I don't think I have too many more move myselfs left in me.

Had my 3rd meeting with my pastor this morning (grrr with self - forgot to turn off cell phone - luckily it only rang once). I think it went well, not as big a high as last months, but still good. I left him with 3 pages worth of me anwsering the questions he'd asked. Next month Spiritual Autobiography and Ministry Project thoughts.


murat11 said...

Congrats on the move, WonderFolk. Moves, who needs 'em? I like the idea that maybe there are a finite number of moves in each of us. I've definitely been lazing around for awhile now, saving up for the next one. It's gonna have to be for a compelling reason.

Cecilia said...

Congratulations jsd... that is very exciting! (the meeting with your rector). every blessing to you.

Pax, C.

jsd said...

murat: I'm hoping for 3 more moves - seminary, first placement, second placement; any after these someone else will need to do the moving for me :)

cecilia: thank you very much :)

Lee said...

Glad to hear you've started the settling in process. Hope the new neighbors turn out to be a buffer between you and the landlords.

Congrats on the continued success of the path! I look forward to hearing about the autobiography and ministry projects. :-)


San said...

May your new home be happy!

And thank you for the progress report with regard to your meetings with the pastor. Sounds like things are moving along nicely.