Friday, May 15, 2009

Bad News for Many of My Friends

A friend of mine called me yesterday afternoon to say that 40 of my used-to-be co-workers (and many of them friends) were fired. For many of the people gathered for the10am meeting it came as a huge shock. It was heartbreaking to listen to him tell me how it all unfolded. Where I used to work it was this place of intgrity, pride, and family - now it's cut-throat and about money.

I hope that for all of them unexpected doors of opportunity open, and open quickly.


Cecilia said...

jsd, I'm so sorry to read this. My community is experiencing a lot of lay-offs right now, and it's devastating.

Prayers for all those affected.

Pax, C.

alt said...

Been there, suffered through that. Suckfest 2009.

San said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friends' layoff, JS. There's so much of that right now. It seems the era of loyalty in the workplace--from both sides--employee and company--is gone.

Lee said...

JS, I'm sorry your friends were laid off. I hope they find jobs quickly and that they were socking away money as carefully as you were. Prayers ascending for them.


jsd said...

thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my friends.