Friday, May 01, 2009

Hoping for Sunshine

Tonight and tomorrow are the big moving days. I took off half day yesterday, because the weather was incredible (and today is rain, rain, rain), so I moved as much as I could by myself.

Looking forward to meeting number three with my pastor coming up very soon...but I'm also nervous, worried that I didn't perhaps answer everything he'd asked, but I think I did. And my answers are longer, and I'm worried we won't get through everything.

It was a neat week (aside from stinky landlords). An old friend who had played such a big part in my life during middle school found me on Facebook, which led to connecting to other classmates who I'd never stopped wondering about. And guess what, we're all gay; though we never told each other then. But, eight years in catholic school doesn't encourage those types of conversations. I still have these mental images of us as kids, and to see what we all look like can still see some of that.


Lee said...

So am I understanding that your conversations have set topics for each meeting? You can't move them to a later meeting if you run out of time? I don't understand the logic of that.

Glad you found connections with old friends. Those are fun aren't they?!

Happy Moving Day!


murat11 said...

Happy Moving, WonderPeople!

jsd said...

lee: I have a set assignment, what we talk about is less set but mostly around the assignment.

lee/murat: thank you both.