Thursday, September 25, 2008

There's things and there's things

My secular world is still stressful. The wife and I spoke with our children's principal - apparently there's a particular group of boys who single out one or two kids each school year to bully, and for whatever reason they've choosen our son. I don't really want to talk about it more then that, other then to say so far so good.

I've been sick, so I haven't put my extra hours in this week - but my body is thankful for the break.

My church world is flourishing. I have some "show myself off points" coming up - I give my first greeter training in a few weeks. Then towards the end of October I'll teach my first ever Sunday school class; the last part of a 3 part class. At least I hope these will be "show myself off points". Prayers that I'm not a complete idiot in front of my fellow congregants.

On a car pool ride to a training (2-ish hours away) I needed to take as did this person; I discovered that they too are discerning for ordained ministry so it was really nice to talk to someone who is within this same sort of space.

I know I passed initial unspoken, here's to one day each day many steps towards...the just maybe; and that my secular world will become safe and less turbulent.


Lee said...

Bullying sucks, JS! Hope the school has a program that can teach Sonshine how to avoid the situation and what to do when faced with it.

Congrats on the two starring roles! I've seen how you shine when your heart is in it, remembering a certain coming out in a life group at Rec (G), and am sure you will do just fine! Don't know if my mantra when faced with standing out in uncertainty will help but it's "I can't be that different." Praying you've found a better one for yourself. And for the live performances. (hands together)


murat11 said...

Here's to the Sacred and the Profane all flourishing.

And here's to our bodies' rejuvenation.

jsd said...

lee: thanks :)

murat: thanks and i hope you start feeling better soon too - lee mentioned your trying to shake the yucks too.

San said...

"Please, God, don't let JS be a total idiot as she trains greeters and teaches Sunday school. A partial idiot will suffice." No, that's not what I will pray. I only hope to make you smile at your own insecurity.

Both of my kids had bouts with bullies, even my daughter. It's almost a rite of passage, but it makes me cringe. I don't see what it accomplishes for the bullies, but it does happen and the only thing to do is be an outspoken advocate for your child, which is what you're doing. Keep it up!

jsd said...

san: thank you for making me laugh, and a reminder that in the end it will be fine.

Bullying does suck, it's scarey. I went to which says that bullies bully to make themselves feel powerful because what they really feel about themselves is anything but.