Friday, September 12, 2008

And the Season Begins

The last fews days have been spiritually filling and physically draining by the end of the day...but, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

The past weekend was Start Up Sunday and start up things have. This week: I went to Pastoral Care training (one more official training to go), I went to my first EFM class here, I had what I'll call a Greeter Lead meeting, and my first well we thought of you when this need came up. I may have to turn this one down because of the amount of time it may involve - but, I'll know more tonight; either way it felt so good to be asked for many, many reasons. The Greeter Lead meeting was great because I got to 'show me off a little bit'. Meaning I was just me, and I was relaxed, and we shared stories, and it was just really nice...and mentor priest said randomly that she was really happy that I was here.

Then we went to the children's open house last night, and we really do like our children's teachers, and knowing more about what's coming up in the next weeks and the overall objectives for the year made me feel better. Though the wife and I are still going to need to supplement the children's learning. Our old school district was really good, and we've discovered that because of this our kiddos are quite abit ahead, and we'd like them to stay ahead.

The wife and the kiddos are really enjoying their evenings together. The wife gets home most days at 4pm and with the kids going to bed a little later, they have more time together. Both kiddos are really enjoying soccer this year - it's a six week season - and we were quite suprised that Sonshine not only likes the game (which he used to not like at all) but is also excelling at. Princess still kicks soccer booty too. The wife really likes her job because as she says, "I'm so relaxed at work...people show up, are happy to be there, and I get to leave on time."

So life is good, and when I start to feel the roller coaster ride start to take that downward slump - I really need to hold onto these moments.


Lee said...

That's awesome, JS! I'm so glad things are starting to come together. Would be nice if this kept on through next summer but if your tales of inactivity at church hold for next summer too then I suspect it won't. In the meantime, suck up as much of this I'm needed, wanted, welcomed, and appreciated as you can! I'm rooting for you and that schedule! You'll figure things out so that you can fit in what you really want in it. :)


murat11 said...

All good to hear. Vermont schools behind the Lone Star? My goodness.

Soccer on, soccer mamas. Beware the moose-hunting/eating hockey moms. I assume Princess is kicking soccer booty, decked out in her pink soccer cowgirl boots.

jsd said...

lee: Well, actually, I'm hoping my summer next year will be filled with getting all my discernment duckies in a row, in which case I'm going to be busy.

murat: yes, at least our school district is. lol, we'll definitely keep our eyes out - did you know that in VT you don't need a permit to buy guns (at least not shotguns and riffles)?

no, she's traded in her cowboy boots for snow boots ;-)

San said...

JS, you sound SO good. On all fronts--spirit, work, family. Even the kids are kicking soccer booty and having a good time doing it.

Life is good. Life is sweet.

jsd said...

san: thank you, do I feel good. I want to hold this time for as long as I can. I want this space to last as long as it can.