Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daughter's First Art Award

So my daughter, who's in kindergarten, won her first art award from SHARE (Students Help Art Reach Everyone); here's a link to the organization: SHARE.

From the SHARE website:

"SHARE's primary project is to place student artwork into permanent collections. SHARE asks students to share the joy and energy of their art with the community. Sites selected are those where critical and often life changing events take place. All submitted works are exhibited at the Southwest School of Art and Craft for one week in the spring. One hundred works are selected for framing for a permanent site."

And here's the "piece de resistance"

Le Clown


murat11 said...

Awesome piece of art from the grey-eyed wonder.

Lee said...

Hey JS, You have every right to be proud. Maybe she'll draw anime someday too. (g) Please pass the following along to the family's newest resident artist. :)

Congratulations, "your daughter's name"! That's a great picture! You're very talented. I'm keeping my crown! :)

Ms Lee

alt said...

Congratulations to the artist and her proud parents. She’s come a long way from drawing vaginas. (I can’t wait to tell her that story when she’s 13. ) :-d

jsd said...

thank you everyone - I'll be sure to pass the congrats along.

Angela said...

Hi! I didn't realize this was you! :)

Fran and I were highly impressed with the clown! Good job, JSD's daughter!

jsd said...

angela: yep it's me :) Thank you, I'll be sure to let the artist in residence know you liked her work!

San said...

That is simply magnificent, JS. Congratulations to your talented daughter!

And kudos to SHARE for bringing her art and that of other fabulous young ones into the world!

more cows than people said...

very, very cool... it will be exciting to hear how her artistic gifts unfold.

jsd said...

san: thank you, I'll be pass the appreciation along to her. Yeah, SHARE is a pretty cool organization.

jsd said...

more cows: we're pretty excited too. we encourage but try not to be too pushy, because it's something i'm hoping she'll hold as her own her entire life. it's really amazing to see the things she comes up with from drawings to crowns.

she made my wife and i crowns to wear for mother's day to church. imagine the irish wedding/friendship ring and that will give you a descent visual. so we wore them to church, at church, and on the way home...i hope we made her proud.