Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Greatful as a grapefruit
Thick skinned and bittersweet
Puckered lips, squinched face
chewy and hard to swallow

And the surprise at the realization
Widened eyes, that my thank yous hallow
Everything in life hard won, hard earned
I saw no god in that, but myself

Greatful as a...
Vision of God in all things
Greatful as a...
Memory to hold on to

And gratitude
Oh humbling gratitude
I am not alone
Never alone even when light
Is forced in through the cracks


Lee said...

Great poem, JS! I actually had to look up "hallow" before I got the full meaning. Before that it seemed more a play on words which I think it still is in many ways and a very clever one at that. Understanding that one word though is a pivotal point in understanding the poem. It changes the entire tone of it. People could do essays on interpreting this one. Do you see this as more of a poem? or prayer?

Peace and Joy!

jsd said...

Thank You Lee!! Hallow came deep from the unconscious, cause I'm not certain if I was thinking hallow or hollow.

It's something I've been thinking about, gratitude, for the last couple of months per a SD discussion, where her reaction to something I said caught me off guard and has had me thinking since.

I wrote it too capture my thoughts from this mornings drive to work; though where grapefruit came from is beyond me. The last few lines are influenced from reading something in an Anne Lamott book last night.

Sometimes and a lot of times I suppose my poems are prayers, sometimes lament, sometimes joy, sometimes anger, sometimes plain silly but then aren't we all.

murat11 said...

Very fine poem, especially those last three lines of the second stanza.

"I saw no god in that, but myself..." If I catch your meaning, quite often my "sin" of omission: omitting god in the details, allowing them in only in the Grand Scheme: well now, what isn't grand, eh?

jsd said...

murat11: Thank you...and yes, your comment is quite accurrate. It took me aback when I realized that when it comes to God, I'm not good at saying thank you, except in hindsight. I've had much to think about lately, and luckily God never leaves us, cause I know I haven't been a good partner these many years.