Friday, July 20, 2007

Eight Random Things About Me

Choosing to self tag per "Rickety's" loose tag broadcast.

1. As a kid I really liked Happy Days, and thought Fonzie was super cool. I even put stickers of him on my dresser, which didn't come off until my adult years when I stripped and restained the dresser - the dresser is now my son's.

2. I've traveled across the top part of the US, kinda through the Mid-West, and along the South-Western states in a quasy round trip one year. My ex-brother-in-law had this rule that if you used the restroom in that state it "counted as a visit." I didn't track my visits so I'm not sure how many states "count."

3. I've lived in 3 different countries: Korea, Panama, Peru, "visited" Japan, and many "visits" to Canada since their drinking age was 18 and not 21.

4. I've been attempting to learn guitar since I was 16. Have sold both of the guitars I now own once each, and bought them both back from the people I've sold them too.

5. I was married to a man for a long time before I divorced and came out with a @#$%* @#$% if you don't love me anymore because I am a lesbian and no one is putting me back in that closet bang.

6. I joined the Army during Desert Shield and was in Basic and AIT during Desert Storm, but then it was over, so my group got re-assigned or so the rumor went.

7. I did Weight Watchers and lost 30lbs, and have come to accept that I did inherit my mother's hips which I'd asked God many, many times in my teen years please not the hips, but alas, I've got curves.

8. One day I will take a vacation to New Zealand, Ireland, England, Italy, and Greece (in that order dang it).


Lee said...

Well, if you two are going to New Zealand, Ireland, and England, I want to go too! Having read much Mary Stewart in my youth, I would love to see Greece also. I had no idea you were so well traveled. This is cool!

What would it take for you to feel that you know how to play the guitar? (this requires a quantitative answer)

Ummm...hips are good. So are curves. Any ideas to the contrary sort of implies a sex change so I'm glad you got used to your curves which is part and parcel of being a woman. And you being such a splendid example of that gender is one of the things that makes you my best friend.

So, with living in all those places have you picked up any Spanish or Japanese?

What else do I not know about you? (G)

Hope and Joy!

jsd said...

Sigh, one day I'll get to travel all these places...We'll probably make it Europe before New Zealand because Europe has off-season discounts while NZ seems to always have expensive airfare.

To remember more than 3 chords and be able to play those chords with fluidity.


I know un poco espanol, and only mushi mushi in Japanese which is used to say hello when answering the phone.

Koondingy naga naga show shimnee da - phonteic Korean (as taught to me by the Korean Taxi Cab Driver, note: it's been over 12 yrs so may have forgotten a word or two): I like the way you wiggle your a@@.

adios amiga - lee

murat11 said...

jsd: Perhaps I am reading more into this than there is: after all, your blogroll does a pretty good job of delineating your affiliations: but, it seems that with your 8 randoms and Back From Houston, you are more clearly/openly declaring who you are: I like this: it feels like stepping further into your discernment.

At, I watched the Gene Robinson "Good Samaritan" sermon: what I found so very refreshing were his comments to the ArchBish of Cant, and the fact that he was living fully in his own grace, far far beyond all this "listening" nonsense. It gets damned claustrophobic, even at the Rec at times, with all the ridiculous handwringing.

Never doubt that you and A and the babes are powerful witnesses to all we are called to be. And never doubt that we love you for it.

jsd said...

murat11: Welcome back!!

Yeah, I agree...I'm opening the door a little wider, maybe pushing with all my might against it to get it too budge might be a better description :)

I've had internal debates with myself for months now about how much of my discernment process to share in blogspace (but "it" leaks out most noticeably in some of the poems I've posted).

I know I'll eventually let it out, I just don't know when, but I know it's getting hard not to talk about it. I hear ya about claustrophobia, some days I just don't understand.

Thank you, having you and your family in our lives means a great deal to us.