Monday, July 16, 2007

Back From Houston

Back From Houston

We went this weekend to my wife's friend's wedding in Houston. The bride was lovely and her groom adoring. But, what stood out most for me, call me selfish yes, was us, the only as far as we could tell homosexuals, and the homily (it twas a Roman Catholic wedding). The good father spoke of commitment, love, trials, and endurance. He spoke of why the couple would want to profess and share their union in front of friends and family. And though I was greatly pleased to be a part of their journey in that moment, I could not help but think, if a priest, and the people present can and could understand what he was saying, how then brown cows can you could you not understand why homosexuals fight for their right to be married and blessed. The only leap required is one of imagination - switch either bride or groom for another bride or groom and here my lovelys am I.


Three forks in the road
One leads to more of the same
Another leads to Plan B
The other, ah, the other leads to leap of faith

How that other road taunts and teases and grieves me
One would think then no choice is that
But oh, how in the dark of night and random dreaming,
It glows so brightly...By what fire does it burn though

Does it burn from my desire, my will alone
Does it burn from hellfire's kiss
Does it burn as an amber lighting the way
I ask of the darkness, I ask of the dream that fades with open eyes

Discerning Alone

No committe do I have
Nor will I be given, at least not until
the fasting has been well ended
and everyone has fattened

Been listening to Team of Rivals, very good audio book, quarter way through, and the words are coloring my langauge this evening.


Lee said...

Interesting effect that book is having on your poetry, JS. Without detracting in the least from your usual excellent verse, today's seem somehow more traditional. For me, that makes them easier to connect with. Might be something in the different types of reading we each have done.


jsd said...

Thank You Lee...I agree, they do have a more traditional feel. I kept thinking that the cadence was different, but I've zero technical poetry vocabulary to speak of.

Vallerie said...

Good words.

jsd said...

vallerie - thank you :)