Friday, April 13, 2007


Tempered silence
within the chambers of my heart
Far away spaces
within the dimensions of my soul

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
God who?
God to know ya.

BBQing tonight – angus burgers and bratwurst - yum. My wife’s friends from college are visiting tonight. Grocery shopping, and yard work tomorrow (need to replace one more vine and the gazebo flora is done). Church on Sunday. My wife and I just joined our church’s Bread for the World group…so we’ll be doing that Sunday too.

Otherwise, not much happening. Wife insistent about us camping - so that’ll be in May. Our big vacation isn’t until the end of June to San Francisco. Ho hum…it’s always off to work I go J.

Interspersing Martin Luther King Jr’s “Why We Can’t Wait” into “church” reading for variety.


Lee said...

Hi JSD. Cute play on words in the last line. It's interesting that just yesterday a student asked what a pun was and then they seemed to keep on cropping up all day. And now again. (g) I liked the rest of the poem too.

jsd said...

Thanks Lee - Peace back at ya.