Monday, September 25, 2006

One of those days

You ever have a really great day go down the drain, and you're watching it go down the drain thinking - hey - wait a minute, how's this happening, what just happened? And the whole time you're in the midst of it thinking if I just blink one more time it'll all be a bad dream. Only it's not, and then when the freight train finally rolls to a stop you sort of stumble out, and you'd like nothing better than to cry or run away but you can't. So you stand there and you're thinking what now? What now.

That was yesterday - today - today - today...I guess I just have to laugh, find my equalibrium again, and get back on the train.


Lee said...

Late comment here but yes I have. It happened last Sunday. I'd just finished a call from a good friend in my reunion group when I suddenly got the call from my best friend's husband. Before the second call I had been so delighted to hear from my group member. I sympathize with you about the bad day.

Peace, Hope and Joy!

jsd said...

Thank You Lee.