Saturday, August 21, 2010

Did I just read that right?

So I was going through FaceBook to see what my friends are up to, and my cell rang so I answered it, and I happened to glance to the side and see a pregnant belly, which led to reading the caption...see picture below:

I almost clicked it, but I don't want FB thinking I'd like to see more Ads like this one. Does taking the drug to prevent masciline daughters then create feminine boys? And who would even think of taking a drug like that when it's scary enough hoping that the baby is born healthy.

Ugh, I could go on and on about all the reasons this Ad is wrong and offensive...but my kiddos are growing impatient that their masciline mama isn't ready to play yet.


Lee said...

Can they really make a pill that takes away something that my sister told me was a genetic influence? Even if they can should they? I know there are difficulties involved but I happen to be prejudiced in your favor. You shine, woman!


jsd said...

Lee: I doubt it, and if they can I don't think they should.

Anne said...

FYI: If you click on the “X” in the corner (NOT THE LIKE BUTTON), a survey box pops up and asks why you didn’t like the ad. “Offensive” is one of the choices. If you do that on enough ads, they’ll start customizing them to you. That’s how I come to have only tree-hugger, yoga, and fashion ads on my page. Anyone who wants on an ad on FB can get one, including offensive uneducated bigots who have acne. Truth, kindness, and general morality are not requirements.

jsd said...

Anne: Thank you for the info...going to put it right to use cause I too only want to have tree-hugger, yoga, and err umm ok not the fashion ads ;)