Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I really like the movie Up! and I've shared that before, but it has so many layers to it. I've now seen it 3 times and could watch it 3 more; I saw it again this weekend because my wife hadn't seen it yet. There aren't many movies I could say that of (well, hmmm, actually that was before children).

But, I'm thinking of seeing if the Pastoral Care team I'm a part of would be interested in watching parts of it. There are alot of moments in the film that we could use as jumping off points. When the wife, Ellie, dies, and the husband, Carl, is now on his own. When he's being forced to move out of his own home and into a retirement/assisted living facility. The questions about what it means to have lived a fulfilled life? The guilt/regret Carl carries because he feels he didn't keep his promise to his wife.

Then there's the bonding that happens between the boy, Russell, and Carl; the two age groups I think that often feel unheard and under-valued; give meaning to each others life; they save each other literally and spiritually.

Then there's zen moments about attachment to things and realizing what really matters. Russell's capacity for love and innocence is beautiful.

I'd like to watch it again by myself and slowly.


murat11 said...

'Tis a great movie, and how awesome that kids are getting hooked into a movie that has such a beautiful and touching opening montage with Ellie and Carl. Walden loves the movie: he's named it his favorite Pixar film. (He also can imitate Doug the dog's "I love you" and "I can smell you" perfectly.) As much as I loved the movie, I'm still a fool for the original Toy Story and (surprisingly, given my initial resistance) WALL-E.

San said...

I didn't finish reading this post, JS. Why? Because I'm about to put "UP" on my netflix queue and I didn't want your post to spoil the plot for me.


jsd said...

murat: I went around for weeks whenever the wife and I would walk the dogs together saying "Squirel!" Now she gets it :) Plus Sparky really does go wild for squirrels.

San: Oops I should have put a spoiler alert at the top :) You'll have to let me know what you think of it.