Monday, April 19, 2010

Lists: I'm going to topple over under the weight of sticky notes

So, I've got a like too many lists running through my head. There's the moving list, the change of address list, the order to move rooms in list, the application lists, the discernment lists, the not really a list but calendar where is my head supposed to be today guide.

I've got the family traveling next weekend. Then I've got checklist with the new landlord (oh missed that list in my list above) -- hoping to get keys that day. So, that I can start moving la familia into the home.

I've got traveling to NY City for a training that I must have for the process, cause who knows when my hometown will have this training, not even slotted to happen in 2010, but maybe sometime off to NY. No, there will be no fun had...6 hour drive and 2 days of 8hr training. Leave Saturday late afternoon to return to my own state oh around midnightish. So that Sunday I can continue moving.

The following weekend after NY, friends helping me and la familia move big heavy items into new home.

In the midst of this must keep key ministries moving along. End of May pass out from exhaustion.

I have one last discernment meeting (yes in May) and then I go into a holding pattern until my pastor returns. However, between now and then I plan to have as much of my applications to seminaries done as is possible while I'm in said holding pattern. I do know what the outcome of my PDC is, but until my May meeting, I am not counting my eggs.

I've also decided most brilliantly to try to relearn Spanish. I've got a couple of books I want read before September, I've essays to write, lists to maintain, and exercising to do, oh yeah and a family to hang out with, and pets to walk, and ministries I love. I think I've just encountered the rest of my life :)


murat11 said...

Think you need a list of things you're NOT going to do: a mighty list with lots of checkmarks on it. Did you notice that "my own state" in the third paragraph? Just sayin'.

Maybe, at least, a nice road trip, with some good road music and visual candy.

jsd said...

murat: Yeah 'my own state' is going to be a home for me for the rest of life; Much like Tejas.

I'm hoping the drive is scenic, uneventful and an opportunity to get to know my driving companion better.

San said...

A list of things you're NOT going to do. That's a brilliant idea Paschal has proffered. I may need to make one of those myself.

Just remember to keep your head above the sticky notes and you won't drown. You may be baptized, but you won't drown.

jsd said...

San: That's quite the image, to be baptized by sticky note :)