Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life And Such

So, things continue to progress well in the land of discernment. I was asked to choose a book that was meaningful to me/had a be impact on me. It led to some very good discussion, in fact we didn't talk about the other book at all. So we'll talk about that one next time, another book, and a theological topic or two. I'm more relaxed now that I know what they're looking for discussion-wise from book sharing/reading. I definitely don't need to go in having a thesis ready :) Just (ah just) what struck me, what made me squirmy, what touched me. Which in many ways is easier, and more present.

I've managed to stick with working out. Although I did pull a muscle along my rib cage recently (I think from doing "the lawnmower"), not too badly, but enough for discomfort or pain if I over-extend my arm. So, I'm trying to convince myself that not doing a free weight routine until it heals is ok. I'm finally seeing/feeling for myself the changes in my upper body (and not just the wife saying she sees changes), that nice V-shape you get. I lost 2 inches off the hips, but well we'll leave it at but for the rest :) I guess, what's making it hard mentally for me is that my body shape is changing but I'm not losing any weight. Sigh, I know muscle weighs more then fat, but you can only say that so often.

I've been very good about getting my walking videos done. Yes, walking inside. I use two of Leslie Sansone's dvds (). Finding good exercise dvds that work for you I've found is hard. The trainer's personality has to fit, the way the exercise is presented matters, well at any rate, her dvds keep me moving. I was able to complete the 5-mile walk, but after one section of boosted walking (light jogging) that was too much for the pulled muscle so I did the alternate movements instead and that was fine.

I'm trying to figure out how to get some pilates in to target a specific problem area, but that's a time issue. Although the wife is interested in doing this workout with me so maybe it'll happen this week.

My ministry project is moving along, and "they've" been great letting "the team" know what would be useful for them. So, the core mission is intact but the rest has changed, well no, it's begun to become more defined. And "they're" defining it which is awesome, cause that means they'll get what they need from our time together. And since we've gotten more defined more people are expressing interest in joining us.

Now, if only I didn't have another move coming my way. The crazy landlord wants us to sign another year long lease but to have a 30 day no cause kick you out clause (they're trying to sell house - and that is a long story), which we aren't willing to agree to. However, they won't commit to saying they'll take it out, just that they're working on the lease. So, while they're "working" we're out looking for a new place. So, I ask for prayers and well wishes that we find a nice home with decent landlords in the same part of town so that we don't have to put our children into another school.


San said...

Oh no, moving is so stressful. I hope your landlords take that clause out. Of course if they don't, I would look for a new place too. When my husband and I were young and living in San Francisco, we got a great deal for a year or so on a beautiful apartment because it was on the market as a condo. Our living room looked out on a row of postcard Victorians. Long story short: We returned from our honeymoon to learn our apartment was sold! We found another nice place and that was a good thing. It was a bit bigger and little did we know: our firstborn would arrive 10 months later! After we'd outgrown the new place, we found a lovely little house with a back yard. And before we knew it, we had our second child! I believe you have planned things better than we did, and still, there are glitches in the best-laid plans. Everything worked out and now I feel nostalgic for those "good" old days.

jsd said...

San: If all goes well we'll know by this Friday if a place we looked at will be ours to rent...it's a nice neighborhood, we may be able to keep the kids in the same school, and the landlord seems like a really nice guy.

What's interesting this time around is that we've managed to find 3 places with landlords that all seem normal and nice. I think the difference is and the lesson is about not operating from a place of fear.

We aren't fearful this time, anxious but not fearful...and that makes a very big difference.