Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Association

So I got this from another blog, who got it from another, and you get the idea...

What comes to mind when:
  1. Bow out :: not in my vocabulary
  2. Relationships :: are very important to me, and never feel like I have enough time to honor them all well
  3. Facebook :: is a great way to have an idea of what your friends are willing to shout out to the world, and I do love when people post pictures
  4. Items :: create clutter and attachement, and I'm getting really tired of moving them around
  5. Ours :: my children...giggles...I mean our children...well as much as any human being is able to be loved and separate at the same time
  6. Sting :: used to write great music, and his songs opened up the idea in my then teenaged head that I could write songs and call it poetry
  7. Hangover :: not worth it
  8. Contacts :: connections, relationships, differing levels - such a separate feeling word
  9. Lonely :: quietly worried about the loneliness I hear other pastors speak of
  10. Seven days :: and then God rested and called it good


San said...

I enjoyed reading your "Free Association" meme. I believe I'll do this. One of these days.

jsd said...

San: Glad you enjoyed it :)