Friday, April 03, 2009

An Amazing Compliment

I saw my priest today. We talked about this and that, which was all very good. We're becoming comfortable with each other. Then I read my articulation of call, and after I finished he said it was amazing. A bit later he said that it was really wonderful, concise, clearly he could see the priestly aspects of call in it. WOW. Amazingly reaffirming on a number of levels. He talked about when we put the parish committee together, and perhaps after our next meeting start to focus on my Spiritual Autobiography - all very exciting.

My next steps are to provide examples of how I find, experience, and embody my articulation of call. Ah, now I have to get super serious about carving out time for quiet reflection. Not one of my strengths - carving out time for myself. I used the example today that the top of the well is the quick energy that's usually always there in certain intractions, but eventually it depletes if I don't have solitude. The solitude is that point in the well you never get too close to or below; otherwise, the well can go bad.


murat11 said...

Awesome. Congratulations. It would be very cool to read this writing you're generating, whether in the blog or through the emailed back doors. And if it needs to remain unshared, I completely understand.

Love to all of you.

jsd said...

murat: Thank you...I sent it via the back door.

Lee said...

Fantastic! Congratulations JS! I second Paschal's feelings about reading the writings. Would also love snippets of the Spiritual Autobiography when you feel you can share. Prayers of joy and gratitude ascending!


Cecilia said...

This is fantastic. Congratulations, and continued blessings on your discernment!

Pax, C.

San said...

I like your well metaphor. It's, well, deep. Sorry. Couldn't resist being silly.

Seriously, it sounds as though your priest must have an inkling of your depths and gifts. I am very excited for you!

jsd said...

san: thank is very affirming to see him begin to see what others saw.