Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Messages

Vermont's Govenor issued a press release yesterday stating he will veto S.115 (Civil Marriage legislation). Here's the link to the press release:

Here's a link to email Vermont's Govenor:, do tell him what you think. Around 101 pro votes are needed in the House for S.115 to be veto proof...something that could have been joyous has become rather saddening.

Even with the blatant inequality and discrimination that most GLBT still face; we, as Americans, still have an enormous amount of freedom. I would ask that, as Americans, we remember the power of our voice, our vote, our stories, and where you see injustice - please exercise your freedom of speech.


Cecilia said...

I am sorry he takes this position. What a coward.

Blessings upon your marriage... it is one, no matter what the governor of VT says.

Pax, C.

jsd said...

Cecilia: Thank wife and I have a right of passage with new friends, poor things, we walk them through our wedding least it's not a slide show :-)

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?