Thursday, September 06, 2007

Too Emotional

Recently at my church we held 3 Communion Matters (CM) discussions. I only participated in the first 2. During the second CM I was told I was being emotional.

Here's a snippet of why I get emotional about these things:
The Anglican Bishop of Uyo, Rt. Rev. Isaac Orama condemned homosexauls as "insane people" and "satanic" and "are not fit to live". Here's the link: Africa Monitoring

I felt hurt by being told I was too being emotional, but I've come to realize that my reaction was not wrong nor inappropriate. It was inappropriate of those around me to expect me to not show any emotions about something so very personal.


jsd said...

I'm going to comment on myself for Lee who's comment I didn't post.

Lee I am glad that Rec held the Communion Matters meetings. Being able to share our stories and pain and emotions with one another is one way in which we grow together.

Those who participated in CM needed to hear their gay/lesbian brother's/sister's pain and see our emotions. Being told to be not show emotion was not appreciated and was a disservice in my mind. But I'm only one voice.

I do not want "Africa" to leave the Anglican Communion nor do I want CANA and its incarnations to tear the Episcopal Church to shreds.

I want "us" to live in peace with each other. Then maybe we can begin to live in love with one another.

Lee said...

Thanks JS, sometimes my emotions get the better of me. Because our life's experiences filter what our ears receive, I wonder who heard what at those meetings. Lots of well swept carpets in my family.