Thursday, June 09, 2011

Piaggio MP3 400

Can we say - way cool!! One day maybe I'll own a super cool scooter like this one! I almost bought a Harley Davidson when I was stationed in Korea. They had this deal were you could pick out your bike and then when your tour was over, and you arrived at your next duty station so too would your bike. But, I chickened out - because I found out where my next duty station would be and because I don't know how to ride one (which was/is easily remedied). I still kinda regret not getting the Roadster.

My wife is pretty anti-motorcycle mostly because she worried I'd get hit by a texting teenager driving too fast. But, perhaps Scooter doesn't create the same images of me as road-meat that Motorcycle does. And maybe in 5-6 years we'd financially be in a place where I could get a way cool Piaggio three-wheeled scooter.

Check it out if you're curious:!s=overview/mp3-400.

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