Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Enjoying Summer

So far my Summer has been wonderfully active and restful. We've been swimming fools thanks in part to the children's summer camp, and then the whole family has been enjoying our friend's pool on the weekends. We've been taking hikes, had our second family bike ride, and we went to a nearby park to play handball, a wee bit of tennis, and soccer.

We had tons of fun playing handball. We were using a kickball, because I thought the softness and size would be helpful for the kiddos. However, trying to hit a kickball hard enough with your hand to hit a wall is actually kinda hard. So we're going to look for the smaller version of the kickball, and then decide if we should buy a real handball ball if we find we're still having lots of fun.

Our next July hikes will be up the gentle side of a nearby little mountain, then off to a tourist farm/museum hike along nice flat trails with beautiful scenery.

I know this is silly but I'm so excited about having a tan...I haven't been this tan since living in Tejas. Shoot I had more color when I lived in Upstate NY. When I had my physical with the doc he suggested I start taking vitamin D, apparently adults these days are pretty deficient (turns out I am too). He said some of it is from using sun screen but mostly it's because of not enough outdoor time; and I think living in the Seattle of the NE plays a part . Getting sun is hard to get when you work inside, eat 'n sleep inside, and at most during the week get 20-30 minutes in the early morning walking the dogs, and 10 minute stretch my leg walks at lunch time.

And I now have a friend who wants to learn Biblical Greek with me! I haven't touched my BG in nearly a year. I was surprised at how much I remembered; however, I'm going to need to get serious for the next set of chapters and vocabulary. And the wife is practicing Espanol with me. My hope is that by next Summer I'll be fluent in reading and writing BG and able to read/speak/comprehend spoken Espanol :)


Lee said...

JS, How about using a tennis ball for the handball? That's what the coaches used when I was in Jr High. Yes, the girls who played did wear gloves.

After reading a description of the Aramaic translations from scripture and what they implied I'd much prefer to learn that, but I guess there aren't many texts in that language so Greek is probably your best choice. It certainly has structure. Any chance you can learn both?


murat11 said...

All of it sounds like great fun: good for minds, bodies, and souls. Or, probably more accurately, bodymindsouls. I have scant memories a ballwallbouncing game called 7 Up (rules online) and I think, wee Catholics at the time, we used to play four-square off the wall sometimes, too.

jsd said...

Lee: We tried a tennis ball but it didn't have enough zip on it. Learning Greek or Hebrew is a seminary requirement, so I'm trying to get ahead of the learning curve.

murat: the kiddos really like four square too.