Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dear Keeper of the Electrons

Dear Keeper,

I'm holding too many lemons this week, and there are too many important events coming up. But this is life isn't. I keep thinking things, heck life, will get easier. But that doesn't seem to be so. Oh, and I'm out of sugar, so sure I'll make lemonade, but who's going to want to drink it I wonder. Oh, other sour pusses.

Could I perhaps put tears in beers this week? I think a change would do me good. I think perhaps hanging out with folks wearing beer goggles may be just the thing I need.

Or perhaps I could do some work in the rose colored glasses fabrication plant?

No, you want me to plant lemon trees...wha...buttt...ummm...ok. I need to cultivate my lemons?? I should spend more time with my lemons!? Could I sign up for a triathlon instead? Yes, that was a joke...I shouldn't become a comedian you say. Hmmm.


Lee said...

Hmmm...tell you what, you bring the lemons and water and I'll bring the sugar. Do you want strawberries with that?

Just curious, does this plant lemons or making lemonade tie in with Jesus cursing the lemon tree? Or was that a fig tree? I remember reading somewhere that the tree wasn't bearing fruit because it wasn't the right season. But you know me, I have to have those parables explained to me and all the symbolism and connections.

Hugs and Prayers sent your way! Yep, I'm playing catch up today.

Love ya,

San said...

As for me, I squeeze those lemons, or limes, into my margarita. I like my margarita so tart it bites back.

I enjoyed this feisty post. If discernment doesn't work out, I believe you have a fall-back plan in the rose-colored glasses fabrication plant.

jsd said...

San: ah, margaritas, mmmm, with little umbrellas and wedges of fruit under blue skies wearing rose colored glasses cause the sun is so bright :)