Thursday, January 21, 2010


I watched Up! with the kiddos as an after school PTO activity. It's really good...go out and rent it, and enjoy.

We do family movie night on Fridays...this week it's the new Nancy Drew, and I'm kinda excited about watching it. I liked reading Nancy Drew as a kid, so we'll see.

What I like best about our movie nights is (a) time together, (b) the discussions that usually happen afterwards, and (c) sharing movies I and or the wife watched when we were kiddos.

The kid's like movie night because they get to eat dinner in the living room while watching tv.

Enjoy your weekend.


Cecilia said...

LOVE that movie!

murat11 said...

"Up" was great, and who doesn't love dinner in front of the TV? Santikos got that right!

jsd said...

We do enjoy dinner and a movie!