Friday, November 13, 2009

What year is it anyways

So, I'm going to attempt to chant Evening Prayer in January. I asked our church's music guru if he would let me record him chanting the service and then I would practise/learn through mimicking him, and he agreed. Then he reminded me that I should pick out what readings, collects and such I was going to use, and that's when I realised that the Liturgical Year will have changed.

There are two years you have to figure out in Lectionary and Daily Office land. Figuring out one does not assist with the other. The Lectionary has 3 years to choose from: Year A, Year B, or Year C. The Daily Office has 2 years to choose from: Year 1 or Year 2. I tried reading what the BCP says for figuring out Lectionary years and since 2010 divides evenly by 3 thought that it was Year A - wrong, it's Year C but I don't know why. Selecting the correct Daily Office year was counter-intuitive as well, but that I did get correct. So, if anyone is curious, come January we're in Episcopal Year 2, Year C. Next year I'm going to buy an Episcopal Church Year Guide Kalendar (and no Kalendar is not misspelled).

I'm excited about the doing this, I love LoVe love it when the priest chants the Words of Institution, I miss that alot. If I ever get to become a priest, I'm gonna chant, chant, chant my little heart away. For now though, I get to imagine what that might feel like one evening in January.


murat11 said...

That will be a wonderful gift to yourself and the kongregation. I will konsult you in the future, whenever I have need of kalendrical klarifications. :-D

Y'all have a great weekend.

Lee said...

Wtg, JS! At Rec we're doing Year A so maybe that's wrong but we are anyways. Matt & Robert chanted the Advent liturgies and it was beautiful. Go for it! Nothing beats a meditative musical form of worship.


jsd said...

murat, lee: thank you both.

San said...

One of these days you'll be wearing a clerical kollar. And you'll be khanting.

jsd said...

San: Kank you very much :)