Monday, October 05, 2009


I was doing really well waiting for my upcoming meeting. But, as the date gets closer I get a little more ready to have it and move on to the next step. Some of the antsy-ness comes from the home computer blue screening - I really hope my friend can recover my data and put the PC back together again. And the wife recently lost her cell phone. So money is on my mind. And there's an up-coming dental visit in a few weeks. And the wife woke up not feeling good this morning.

Plus there's a project I've been working on and it's running into some road blocks and that has a big affect on some other things that matter alot to me.

So, I'm beginning to show signs of stress. Mostly on the inside, I can feel it working, and I don't like it. Definitely need to exercise tonight. Spend time in prayer, sit with God, and wait.

I am awful at waiting, well not always, but more often then not; though this process is teaching me much about waiting. I'm a doer, a get 'er done kinda girl. Waiting is not my natural state of being. I dislike not being able to fix things, and if I can't fix it myself, then I really like taking it to someone who can fix it, preferably now.

Waiting is teaching me to be OK when life throws me a lemon tree which hasn't born any lemons yet :)


murat11 said...

Ah, the new Transposer digs. Renovation/renovare is in the air. I suppose "waiting" may be a good discipline for go-getters: lots of things out there (and in here) to give us pause.

jsd said...

murat: Must be the turning of the leaves :)

Lee said...

JS, Looks like I'm playing blog catch up. Hope the waiting is almost done or over. I'm not great at waiting either but more so when I know the thing is going to happen. Someone once told me that because God created time he is outside of it and controls it. In their pointing out that he does things in his time and not necessarily ours they laughingly referred to him as "the 11:59 God" which is pretty much true when you think about it. LOL

Cheering you on!


jsd said...

Lee: Thanks!