Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Reordering of Hyperlinks

Ah, ok - so I rearranged my hyperlinks...returned some sense of order to them, and added new links. Are you one of those people who keeps lists of things and places even possibly words you want to remember? They aren't to-do lists, but mini references -- really don't want to keep searching for this everytime I've a chance to get around to it sort of things -- I am.

I've read so much these past four months that I can't keep it all in my head. I'm hoping that instead I've absorbed it though, integrated most of it into my being. Especially the emergent church stuff. I read nearly all of it at a speed that isn't conducive to remembering and then I wasn't able to use what I was reading right away, or really discuss what I was reading. So...I need to go back and skim a couple of the books for the things I highlighted, to get back that vocabulary if you will. I need to super-search for things that can be helpful for me if I proceed to "Step 2" while there's time.

I've again derailed my meditation prayer time, though I've been better at getting some exercise in. I find I'm craving silence of the solitude sort. I don't need a quiet retreat per say more a need for time to go off quietly into a room where I can expect no interruptions for 20 minutes or so. How do you get this for yourself when your day of doing starts at 5:30am and ends around 8:30pm? Ok, ok intentional, taking care of yourself means you can better take care of others. Yes, I know these things -- but I am not good at honoring my knowing them.

Anyways, I keep trying, and eventually I'll figure it :)


Lee said...

JS, when I need extra time I set my alarm back 30 minutes and get it at the start of the day. Makes a great way to start if I'm doing MP. Also gives me time to awaken at a slower pace and not rush into the getting ready routine. Yes, I end up catching up on the sleep at the end of the day a bit but that can be eliminated as my body adjusts to the earlier waking.


San said...

JS, it is hard to find that quiet time. One thing I like about a retail schedule is that even though it is 7 days a week, the days begin later, so I have some time in the morning to go into a room and pray. And some time to exercise and to mess around in the garden. And yes, it all does make a difference.

jsd said...

lee/san: yeah, the hard part is finding time when I'm awake enough to be present.