Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vacation Time

I can't wait for Friday, not just because it's Friday but because la familia y yo are going to California. We're spending time in SF and then Monterey and then Yosemite. It's our first "big" vacation. We've been waiting for our youngest to (a) get big enough to walk at least an hour without much complaining and (b) be able to remember what she saw. Our daughter is so excited she's already packed.

I plan on taking a mix of faux black & white, and color photos. I'm worried about the color photos turning out. For some reason I don't focus the lense so well with color film. I'm also worried about driving in SF, luckily it's very limited driving.

My wife's parents are going to watch the house, the dog, and the hermit crabs for us; I hope PaPa doesn't spoil the dog too much. I wonder if Nannie will make PaPa take care of the hermit crabs...hmmm.

I can't wait; I'm so excited about this trip, I lived in Monterey for a short time many moons ago and getting to share a place that was special for me is a real treat.


murat11 said...

You all have a great trip. I'll look at ALL your photos when you get back.

Lee said...

Have fun! Wish you had a laptop to keep in touch with on the road. Drive carefully. Bring back some great stories.


jsd said...

Thanks guys!!