Friday, October 27, 2006

Pictures from Laity Lodge

Well, I finally got around to scanning some of my photos from my weekend retreat at Laity Lodge.

The picture above is of the limestone river road which you have to follow to get up to Laity Lodge itself.

This next picture was taken from the river - the building is where we shared meals, prayer, and conversation.

The this picture is another river view perspective. The next picture was taken from my hike up to the gazebo.

I hope the pictures, at least somewhat, convey the beauty and serenity of the place. To the "thin places".


Lee said...

Hi JSD. When I clicked on the first photo I found what look like 3 waterfalls in it. That was kind of neat. I have this thing about waterfalls. That picture is my favorite. The others are nice too and of those I liked the last best.


jsd said...

Thank You Lee, I'm glad you enjoyed the photographs.